Welcome to TerraCore Rentals, VAC Division and Tool Division

Welcome to TCR: “Safety First” that provides a wide range quality oilfield rental equipment, Vacuum trucks, dedication to HS&E and exceptional personnel 24/7 that will ensure your project objects are achieved effectively and efficiently. We have provided successful services to several Drilling, Completion and Pipeline projects and have earned and developed strong relationships with industry partners by providing the desired equipment, expertise and experience.

TCR practices corporate responsibility with our operations in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, practice good business and workplace ethics, and undertake community engagement and stakeholder consultation with our partners as part of the value creation for our business partners and projects. We have corporate governance, responsible environment, health and safety policies, transparent business practices and collaboration with communities where we operate.

TCR strives to ensure we build strong and long lasting relationships with our customers emphasizing HS&E, providing quality equipment, and strong communication towards assisting in the upfront project planning through to completion. Our goal is to achieve the required synergies with our client towards exceeding the project objectives.

     Our Team is proactive with the commitment to maintain the equipment and assisting the field supervisor to achieve the project objectives.

TCR is Federally Pro-rated and is conveniently located in Drayton Valley, Whitecourt, Fox Creek, Dawson Creek and is actively engaged supporting these communities.

Oilfield rentals Fox Creek

Community Involvement

TerraCore Rentals Ltd. strongly supports the enhancement of social and economic development within the communities where we live and operate. TCR endorses and encourages its employees to participate in their communities over and above company initiatives, with tangible financial and time support.



Dedicated to building solid one-on-one relationships with the organizations we support, TerraCore Rentals Ltd., VAC Division and Tool Division is proud to provide quality equipment and service to quality customers.

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